About P.D. Eye Forensics, LLC

As a boutique firm specializing in litigation support, we don’t have to work around a busy season (i.e., tax and audit). We are conscientious of the cost-benefit of preparing a work product and will communicate with the client if the cost outweighs the benefits.

When you call our office, you can reach either one of us directly; we don’t have someone screening our calls. We are very attentive and responsive to our clients. We try to return phone calls within 24 hours.

We explain concepts and analysis to our clients in such a way that they are able to understand. We try to educate our clients, the attorneys and the trier of fact.

We have good relationships with our competitors and are willing to sit down with them to review our differences and help negotiate a settlement; however, in the event the case cannot settle, we are not afraid to support our opinions during trial.

Chrissie A. Powers, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA

Chrissie A. Powers, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVAMs. Powers’ experience includes investigations involving the diversion of corporate assets, fraud examination and investigation, forensic accounting and record reconstruction, damage and claims analysis and documentation, and providing valuation of closely held businesses for purposes of divorce and purchase or sale. Additionally, she works with clients to strengthen internal control and management systems to deter fraudulent activity and asset diversion. Ms. Powers has testified in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Civil Service Commission and various Ohio Common Pleas Courts and in depositions.

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Heather Deskins, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE, CVA

Heather Deskins, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE, CVAMs. Deskins has been involved in numerous valuations of closely held businesses for various reasons, including, buy-sell agreements, dissenting shareholder actions, estate and probate matters, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning and divorce. In litigation support services involving contested and collaborative divorces, Ms. Deskins works with attorneys and their clients to value, trace and help negotiate the division of marital assets. In addition to divorce related litigation, she has assisted attorneys with lost profit and lost wage calculations, partnership disputes and analyzing and reconstructing estate accountings. She has testified multiple times in various Ohio Common Pleas Courts and in depositions.

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“I would recommend the talented members of the P.D. Eye Forensics firm without hesitation. I have found them to be consistently helpful from the beginning to the end of every assignment on which they have worked with me, and they bring invaluable accounting knowledge to the table. They are always professional and timely in the work they perform. There is no question that I consider the firm an asset to my domestic relations practice.”

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. Your passion and professionalism can hardly be contained. All my fellow associates mentioned how much they enjoyed the session.”

“Chrissie is really good. She is doing a special project for me, and the client is very pleased with the results and her ability to detail the issues involved.”

“Heather, thank you for all your hard work in this case. I truly appreciate all you have done to organize and make my presentation understandable.”